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What we look for

Ideas that are BRAND NEW. They have never been tested before.

Ideas that DIAGNOSE OR MITIGATE the  challenges of TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.  They do not have to directly address the issue of corruption, however they must create new information or illuminate existing information, with the goal of holding those responsible to account. Refer to  I Paid a Bride for an innovative approach to mitigating corruption, and Ushahidi as a new way of making information transparent to push for greater accountability.

Ideas that may be in the form of (but are not limited to) a PRODUCT, SERVICE, TOOL OR METHOD.

Ideas that may employ TECHNOLOGY but are not required to. Refer to 5th Pillar for a creative approach to tackling corruption without the use of technology.

Ideas that are HIGH-RISK because their potential for impact is high, although the chance for success may be low due to uncertainty in practice.  If successful,  these ideas would be transformative – changing how we see accepted rules or processes and/or how we deal with them. They are not known “solutions” and instead, they require testing to understand if they work at all.  

Ideas that are grounded in a clear THEORY OF CHANGE – they address a challenge by 1) stating an ultimate goal; 2) outlining the preconditions to achieving this goal; 3) explaining the activities to be pursued to ensure that these preconditions are met; and 4) articulating the assumptions made to explain hypotheses.

How we choose

A small internal team at Global Integrity will be selecting ideas for investment. On an idea-by-idea basis, the internal team will be consulting external experts to provide feedback that will weigh into the decision making process. These experts will be chosen based on their (i) background, (ii) sector of expertise, and (iii) familiarity with challenges and context that the idea targets. 

We will use the following evaluation criteria to select ideas: 

  1. The idea deals with an issue of corruption, transparency and/or accountability.
  2. The idea addresses a specific, identifiable problem.
  3. The idea aims to diagnose and/or mitigate the target problem.
  4. The idea has a clear Theory of Change.
  5. The approach, method or tool proposed can be defined as Brand New.
  6. The idea can be tested in 6 months or less.
  7. The idea can be tested given ~10,000 USD.
  8. The innovator (and team) is capable of testing his/her (their) idea.

We will also consider the feasibility of the idea to be tested through an assessment of: resources required vs. those available, contextual limitations, and any other relevant factors.

To ensure that we are helping to test a variety of ideas (and not simply 20 mobile-based transparency efforts in the USA!) we will try to invest in a mix.  This means that we will consider variance in the following: i) Geography ii) Sector e.g. public services, budgets, rule of law etc. iii) End goal e.g. diagnose vs. mitigate; decrease corruption in the justice system vs. enhance subnational financial accountability iv) Approach e.g. use of tech (online, mobile, etc.) vs. non-tech